The long story of RENCO began in Milan in 1926.
It initially established itself as a company that produced and sold raincoats under the name “RAINCOAT”, that subsequently changed into “RENCO”.
In the '50s, the company's successful choice slowly took shape and along with the raincoats, menwear was introduced, with an increasing assortment of oversize clothing, large and extra long sizes.

Renco Milano

The brand offers an exclusive total look that can satisfy the needs of those who do not want to relinquish comfort and elegance.
A selection of jackets, suits, trousers, sweaters, shirts, underwear and accessories, all strictly Made in Italy.

A vast assortment of the highest quality, in sizes from 58 to 85, made especially for persons with a heavy build up to 200 kg in weight and 214 cm in height, aiming for a sporty look, casual or elegant, with a tailor-made look.